Saturday, 22 January 2011

No. 9 Dream

look into my milky blue eyes
there's azure swimming pools
one for emotion
like despair
one for repair
like smiling after crying
we see beautiful things in swimming mules:
changes in heartbeats
improved repeats.
There's alot of me
required to be
and i've spent many nights building bonfires and watching them burn
brain slowly turns.
The first reading said:
don't play dead with fire
don't cry about confused desire
because it's not you
it's inherited
you are an azure swimming pool
you FOOL
perfect and crystal in your nutritional ocean.
I watched a wirey man run thru a door
was it a dream
what he wrote on the floor:
it's warm, entertaining, exciting in there
don't ever be afraid
i double dare ya!
so i followed him thru the door